Drew Carey is a celebrity who turned into a fitness icon in year 2016.

The star who has always dealt with weight issues finally made his way to a healthy body with exemplary patience and never fading determination.

Drew Shares How He Lost So Much Weight

Like any other celebrity, his transformation too, fetched a great deal of attention.

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Extensive coverage was given to his story as people were more than eager to learn how did Drew Carey lose weight!


Age: 59 years.
Height: 1.78m (5.8”)
Weight loss: 100lbs.
Weight Loss Duration: A year.


The popular host of the ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, revealed his former attempts to get in shape.

Drew Carey workoutAs per him, this has been his six attempt to lose weight, followed by five failures.

While asked pertaining to the cause that provoked him to shake off 100lbs from his 5.8” frame, Carey responded that his fear of not being by his Son’s side was a turning point for him.

He wanted to live for Connor, be present in all his happy moments, and more importantly, support him whenever he needed.

Considering all this, he decided to make it work once and for all.

Since he prefers natural methods, thereby, he chose to slim down through natural techniques.

For that, he needed to follow a disciplined lifestyle, which of course, he was not following initially.

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It was challenging, but Carey was pretty much determined.

What kept him going was the thought of witnessing his son’s achievements which was way more important than feeding on junk.

Interestingly, Carey would remind this to himself whenever he felt weak and quitting in between.


Following a carefree lifestyle did have a toll on his health. Apart from affecting his energy levels, he developed problems related to blood pressure, and worst, diabetes.

However, the 59 years old realized that if he continues to follow the lifestyle that caused so much trouble for him, he would soon be welcoming a heart attack.

Obviously, such a situation would end his life and he will be separated from his family.

Thereby, he gathered all his courage and embarked on a voyage that ultimately turned fruitful for him.


The most difficult and challenging part Drew Carey weight loss was to keep himself away from sugar.

Interestingly, he was fond of sweet and it was nearly impossible for him to overcome his addiction for it.

However, he followed certain strategies that helped him exclude sugary foods from his diet.

For example:

  • He kept such items out of his sight as their presence or easy access would have served to be an encouragement.
  • Would have taken them in limit as his motive was to succeed and not to seek perfection.
  • Read inspirational stuffs to concentrate on success than the consumption of unhealthy foods.

All these strategies helped him overcome his sweet cravings and take Drew Carey weight towards the decline.


The eating pattern that best clicked Carey was Mediterranean diet.

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The Secret to Drew Carey's Weight Loss

The food choices, options and methods it features matched up with his preferences and so, he decided to go on board with Mediterranean diet.

Commenting on Drew Carey diet, the former sergeant detailed how helpful the diet was for him.

Not just it favored his weight loss goals, but also helped him stay active and energized throughout.

On top of following a well designed eating program, he followed some proven techniques to pace his calorie burning and control his blood sugar levels.

For example, he incorporated the usage of natural meta-boost, cinnamon and organic apple cider vinegar in his diet. All in all, he did all that takes to shed weight naturally and healthily.

The soon-to-be-husband of Amie Harwich also involved himself in trainings.

He would sweat four times a week under the supervision of a professional trainer. The crux of Drew Carey workout was resistance training.

It is important to note that resistance training is a great aid for people with blood sugar problems or those who aim to lower their body fat percentage.

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More specifically, it best manages blood sugar, far more than it is effective for fat cutting.


Thankfully, Drew Carey managed to restore his health before his weight could add to his concerns.

As of today, he is in a best shape and has definitely rolled back the clock for himself.

Check out Drew Carey before and after photos to admire his efforts.

Plus, if you are his diehard fan, connect yourself to his social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

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